1. AI-based Information access and Service discovery solutions (AI Search and AI Virtual Assistant): Engineered to transform the manner in which individuals, both citizens and employees, retrieve information and access services from the public-facing and intranet websites of organizations using AI enterprise search and AI Virtual Assistant.
  2. AI-based cybersecurity solutions:  AI-based cybersecurity solutions leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to enhance the detection, prevention, and response capabilities against cyber threats.
  3. AI Advisory and Consulting Service: an innovative consulting service that seamlessly integrates AI technologies with Cybersecurity strategies. This service is designed to empower businesses to navigate the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity threats and opportunities presented by Generative AI. By merging advanced AI capabilities with robust cybersecurity measures, we provide a holistic solution to safeguard your digital assets. 
  4. AI and Cybersecurity Workshops and Training: Stay ahead of the curve with our workshops and training programs. Designed for professionals and teams, our educational resources cover a wide range of Generative AI, and Cybersecurity topics, empowering you to make informed decisions in the world of Generative AI and Cybersecurity.
  5. AI and Cybersecurity Research and Innovation: Collaborate with us on groundbreaking AI and Cybersecurity research and innovation projects. We're passionate about exploring the uncharted territories of AI and its potential to revolutionize industries.