Continuing Generative AI Products Innovation

Kindly utilize and navigate the AI Innovations menu to view the comprehensive list of on-going Generative AI Products Innovation available through OneSD. Below are product details.

  1. Gen AI Enterprise Search: Workplace enterprise search solution enriched with Generative AI functionality, specifically designed for employee-centric needs.
  2. 1SD AI Assistant - Elevate Your Productivity with Cutting-edge Features.
  3. AiMed360: Generative AI-based healthcare solution.
  4. WellnessCraft: AI App for Corporate health and wellness.
  5. CareersPath: AI based Education and training App.
  6. GuardianCraft: AI Data App for Cyber security threat prediction.
  7. FraudGuardian: AI Data App for Fraud detection.
  8. SwiftResponse: AI App for Corporate Crisis.
  9. GenFitGuide: AI App for Fitness and Weight Management.
  10. AI Marketing: OneSD offers marketing solutions based on generative AI.
  11. GuidelineGenius: AI Data App for Laws and Regulations, Policies, Topics and Instructions.
  12. DataPulseAI: AI Data as a Service (AI DaaS) offers that combines the power AI and data analytics.